…and I’m the second one to get a post here. 2/2 now. Baka rangers are now assembled. I think I will be Baka Green.

If you haven’t noticed the reference there, I will go ahead and tell you that I’m another anime fangirl. Fortunately, I’m not a shipper who draws / writes about how kawaii desu my pairing of choice is. The few times I ship, I do so silently, thank you very much. I do occasionally become the fangirl of certain characters (Zelgadis! 😀 ). Them being or becoming insane helps. For some reason, I like insane characters.

I’ll move on to games now. I like video games. 😀 My favourite genre would have to be RPGs, and my favourite games are Pokemon, Elder Scrolls (I like both Oblivion and Morrowind, kthx. No ‘which one’s better’ wars here) and Saints Row (Though I suck at that one XD). Yep, Pokemon. Every one who doesn’t like it now automatically hates me.

And books. I also like books. And music. Both of which I can’t be bothered writing about.

Now, you might want to actually know about me. Well, I’m Kyku. I go to school, like chinese food and I go on TV Tropes when I’m bored. I also have another blog on wordpress, apparently. I can’t remember making it, but oh well. If you want to have a look, go ahead. I might post something. We’ll have to see. Also, I have a dA account.

I’m considered a nerd at school. People probably think I study every day. Nope, I’ve never studied in my life. I always look like I’m working, mostly because I’m on my laptop typing so I must be doing my work. *rolls eyes* No, I’m writing random stories or reading my favourite blog and webcomics.

What I intend on writing about is basically what goes on in my life in general, or the occasional rant. I promise I won’t get bored and decide to draw a roasted torchic being eaten by demons. ‘Cause I don’t draw or think of things like that…