Well, I kinda feel honoured that I’ve gotten the first post here. I bet ya now someone’s going to come and complain to me, but yunnoh 😀

Well, yeah, as I said on the about page:
I’m still at school. Late in my school life. But ever so slowly getting there. I work. I run around umpiring junior football most weekends during the winter. I read Manga. Watch Amine. Yep, thats alll…

And yep. Yes, I also game, PC Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike: Source. But I’m shocking.

I can get a bit weird at times too. Just yesterday, I got excited over the most little thing. The day before, I started streessing over a Facebook status thinking I was about to be shot (well, you get the general idea).

I’m also a massive fan of Apple. Although I use a PC and an Android phone. Yes, I did say I could be weird?

Real life can sometimes get a bit of a drag for me. Things can seem to drag on for months on end with no change. Things I don’t like. Yet the things I do like seem not to go on much longer than a few hours. And I hate it being that way. But I guess most people must hate it being that way.

Yes, I know I have not made sense once in this post.

But yeah.