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The wonder of the 21st centuary Cloud

This morning was like any ordinary morning. 7am waking up in the morning, gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus. Yes, I know I was just parodising Rebecca Black XD

Until I remembered that Steve Jobs was making a major announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Convention in the US of A.

About iCloud. Everything will change. Everthing syncing between everything. Everything syncing without having to plug in a cable. Buy a song, it downloads onto your iPod instantly as well as your iPad and iTunes. Take a photo and it’s just like you took the same photo on three iPods.

I sat there this morning going OMGZ at Apple’s wonders about iCloud and iOS 5. Owning a 4th Generation iPod Touch (the same as krispykyku), I’m going to be able to get iOS 5 and iCloud.

Bad thing – it’s not live for months D:


Burnely Tunnel: Now, it’s downright stupid

On Thursday last week, I blogged about a incident of a Swiss tourist skateboarding down the Burnley Tunnel (link).

He was subsquently arrested and released on bail.

Well, today he was arrested a second time for breach of bail conditions and is due to appear in a Melbourne court at 2pm local time (GMT+10), about two hours from now.

Well, his conduct during his court hearing was published. And, well, it was dispicbale. Saying “that’s cool” when he’s asked if he understands the charges? Updating his Facebook status? Going home only to upload a video?

Yes, I know what I said last week. But this is now downright stupid and more akin now to a big joke.

Skateboarder in the Burnley Tunnel?! – my view

The Herald Sun website this morning reports about a Swiss skateboarder riding through the Burnley Tunnel (part of a major freeway carring 100,000 cars per day) in Melbourne.

While the Skateboarder is likely to be taken to hospital with deep grazes and other injuries, I do have my personal view on the sitution.

To be quite honest, I actually laughed when I saw the story on the net about 5 minuites ago. Being a youth, actually seeing someone who is brave enough to be riding down a major freeway is actually in my eyes to be “cool”. No, I am not making out that I support seeing stories of skateboards and the like riding down freeways in the middle of cities, but just so see someone with the nerve to do it as a one off is alright provided that there were adquete safeguards in place.
Which, in this case, there was not. The skateboarder did this in the middle of peak hour, which in Melbourne (don’t forget Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia) carries massive amounts of cars at 100kph. Was he even wearing a helmet? Was he keeping an eye out for drivers? Was he even doing this in the emergency lane, not in the same lanes as traffic?

Theres also the legality of this. It is illegal to be riding a human powered vechile down that particular freeway. And theres reasons for this.

My view: Yes, it can for us teens be “cool” to see someone wanting to try something like this. However there are reasons why this should not be being tried, and as this person ended up, it can result in injury or potentially death.