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The wonder of the 21st centuary Cloud

This morning was like any ordinary morning. 7am waking up in the morning, gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus. Yes, I know I was just parodising Rebecca Black XD

Until I remembered that Steve Jobs was making a major announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Convention in the US of A.

About iCloud. Everything will change. Everthing syncing between everything. Everything syncing without having to plug in a cable. Buy a song, it downloads onto your iPod instantly as well as your iPad and iTunes. Take a photo and it’s just like you took the same photo on three iPods.

I sat there this morning going OMGZ at Apple’s wonders about iCloud and iOS 5. Owning a 4th Generation iPod Touch (the same as krispykyku), I’m going to be able to get iOS 5 and iCloud.

Bad thing – it’s not live for months D:



Well, I kinda feel honoured that I’ve gotten the first post here. I bet ya now someone’s going to come and complain to me, but yunnoh 😀

Well, yeah, as I said on the about page:
I’m still at school. Late in my school life. But ever so slowly getting there. I work. I run around umpiring junior football most weekends during the winter. I read Manga. Watch Amine. Yep, thats alll…

And yep. Yes, I also game, PC Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike: Source. But I’m shocking.

I can get a bit weird at times too. Just yesterday, I got excited over the most little thing. The day before, I started streessing over a Facebook status thinking I was about to be shot (well, you get the general idea).

I’m also a massive fan of Apple. Although I use a PC and an Android phone. Yes, I did say I could be weird?

Real life can sometimes get a bit of a drag for me. Things can seem to drag on for months on end with no change. Things I don’t like. Yet the things I do like seem not to go on much longer than a few hours. And I hate it being that way. But I guess most people must hate it being that way.

Yes, I know I have not made sense once in this post.

But yeah.