This morning was like any ordinary morning. 7am waking up in the morning, gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus. Yes, I know I was just parodising Rebecca Black XD

Until I remembered that Steve Jobs was making a major announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Convention in the US of A.

About iCloud. Everything will change. Everthing syncing between everything. Everything syncing without having to plugĀ in a cable. Buy a song, it downloads onto your iPod instantly as well as your iPad and iTunes. Take a photo and it’s just like you took the same photo on three iPods.

I sat there this morning going OMGZ at Apple’s wonders about iCloud and iOS 5. Owning a 4th Generation iPod Touch (the same as krispykyku), I’m going to be able to get iOS 5 and iCloud.

Bad thing – it’s not live for months D: