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Nerf Guns, what got me so obsessed :D

A nerf gun, a toy gun shooting small foam bullets.

A Nerf Gun

Yes, for some reason I’m now semi obsessed with the concept of Nerf Guns. For those of you who don’t know what one is, it’s  a small gun shooting foam bullets. For those of you who still don’t know, theres a picture of one at left.

For the last couple of days (since about Monday) I’ve been saying “OMG I HAVE TO GET ONE I HAVE TO GET ONE!!!“.

And why not.

You can shoot at people with them, and the police won’t come aknocking, unlike if you used a gun.

You can shoot at walls or picures of people ya don’t like. And not get in strife.

Easy way to get revenge at football teams that beat yours.

Target practice so you get better in Call of Duty or Counter Strike: Source.

Cheap self-defense object.

Easy way to start World War III some Saturday.

The list goes on 😀




Why is almost everyone in my class playing Pokemon right now?

I started a horrible, horrible new diesease and I hope the school won’t kill me. D:

The wonder of the 21st centuary Cloud

This morning was like any ordinary morning. 7am waking up in the morning, gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus. Yes, I know I was just parodising Rebecca Black XD

Until I remembered that Steve Jobs was making a major announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Convention in the US of A.

About iCloud. Everything will change. Everthing syncing between everything. Everything syncing without having to plug in a cable. Buy a song, it downloads onto your iPod instantly as well as your iPad and iTunes. Take a photo and it’s just like you took the same photo on three iPods.

I sat there this morning going OMGZ at Apple’s wonders about iCloud and iOS 5. Owning a 4th Generation iPod Touch (the same as krispykyku), I’m going to be able to get iOS 5 and iCloud.

Bad thing – it’s not live for months D:

Burnely Tunnel: Now, it’s downright stupid

On Thursday last week, I blogged about a incident of a Swiss tourist skateboarding down the Burnley Tunnel (link).

He was subsquently arrested and released on bail.

Well, today he was arrested a second time for breach of bail conditions and is due to appear in a Melbourne court at 2pm local time (GMT+10), about two hours from now.

Well, his conduct during his court hearing was published. And, well, it was dispicbale. Saying “that’s cool” when he’s asked if he understands the charges? Updating his Facebook status? Going home only to upload a video?

Yes, I know what I said last week. But this is now downright stupid and more akin now to a big joke.

Footy Tipping

I am the best footy tipper ever.

The question was Eagles versus Gold Coast Suns. I voted for the Suns, because logic would say that if an Eagle flew into the sun, it would burn.

Another example was the Cats versus St Kilda. I assume that the saints are armed only with the power of religion, and that the cats are pissed of. I tipped the cats, because no matter how much you pray, you will not be saved from deadly claws. This might make the saints seem pathetic, but I beg to differ. They could easily win against Melbourne, and if there are any vampire football teams then they could get rid of them quite easily as well.

Lions and Tigers were difficult. I just took a wild guess and voted lions. Essendon was easy, seeing as they are bomber plane things that drop bombs on things.

I think the Gold Coast will win by the largest amount, because eagles are completely useless against fire.

Skateboarder in the Burnley Tunnel?! – my view

The Herald Sun website this morning reports about a Swiss skateboarder riding through the Burnley Tunnel (part of a major freeway carring 100,000 cars per day) in Melbourne.

While the Skateboarder is likely to be taken to hospital with deep grazes and other injuries, I do have my personal view on the sitution.

To be quite honest, I actually laughed when I saw the story on the net about 5 minuites ago. Being a youth, actually seeing someone who is brave enough to be riding down a major freeway is actually in my eyes to be “cool”. No, I am not making out that I support seeing stories of skateboards and the like riding down freeways in the middle of cities, but just so see someone with the nerve to do it as a one off is alright provided that there were adquete safeguards in place.
Which, in this case, there was not. The skateboarder did this in the middle of peak hour, which in Melbourne (don’t forget Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia) carries massive amounts of cars at 100kph. Was he even wearing a helmet? Was he keeping an eye out for drivers? Was he even doing this in the emergency lane, not in the same lanes as traffic?

Theres also the legality of this. It is illegal to be riding a human powered vechile down that particular freeway. And theres reasons for this.

My view: Yes, it can for us teens be “cool” to see someone wanting to try something like this. However there are reasons why this should not be being tried, and as this person ended up, it can result in injury or potentially death.

Enter Baka Green

…and I’m the second one to get a post here. 2/2 now. Baka rangers are now assembled. I think I will be Baka Green.

If you haven’t noticed the reference there, I will go ahead and tell you that I’m another anime fangirl. Fortunately, I’m not a shipper who draws / writes about how kawaii desu my pairing of choice is. The few times I ship, I do so silently, thank you very much. I do occasionally become the fangirl of certain characters (Zelgadis! 😀 ). Them being or becoming insane helps. For some reason, I like insane characters.

I’ll move on to games now. I like video games. 😀 My favourite genre would have to be RPGs, and my favourite games are Pokemon, Elder Scrolls (I like both Oblivion and Morrowind, kthx. No ‘which one’s better’ wars here) and Saints Row (Though I suck at that one XD). Yep, Pokemon. Every one who doesn’t like it now automatically hates me.

And books. I also like books. And music. Both of which I can’t be bothered writing about.

Now, you might want to actually know about me. Well, I’m Kyku. I go to school, like chinese food and I go on TV Tropes when I’m bored. I also have another blog on wordpress, apparently. I can’t remember making it, but oh well. If you want to have a look, go ahead. I might post something. We’ll have to see. Also, I have a dA account.

I’m considered a nerd at school. People probably think I study every day. Nope, I’ve never studied in my life. I always look like I’m working, mostly because I’m on my laptop typing so I must be doing my work. *rolls eyes* No, I’m writing random stories or reading my favourite blog and webcomics.

What I intend on writing about is basically what goes on in my life in general, or the occasional rant. I promise I won’t get bored and decide to draw a roasted torchic being eaten by demons. ‘Cause I don’t draw or think of things like that…


Well, I kinda feel honoured that I’ve gotten the first post here. I bet ya now someone’s going to come and complain to me, but yunnoh 😀

Well, yeah, as I said on the about page:
I’m still at school. Late in my school life. But ever so slowly getting there. I work. I run around umpiring junior football most weekends during the winter. I read Manga. Watch Amine. Yep, thats alll…

And yep. Yes, I also game, PC Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike: Source. But I’m shocking.

I can get a bit weird at times too. Just yesterday, I got excited over the most little thing. The day before, I started streessing over a Facebook status thinking I was about to be shot (well, you get the general idea).

I’m also a massive fan of Apple. Although I use a PC and an Android phone. Yes, I did say I could be weird?

Real life can sometimes get a bit of a drag for me. Things can seem to drag on for months on end with no change. Things I don’t like. Yet the things I do like seem not to go on much longer than a few hours. And I hate it being that way. But I guess most people must hate it being that way.

Yes, I know I have not made sense once in this post.

But yeah.